the course textures

original course on unique cake coatings. for all perfection chasers
For those who seek perfection

this course is for you

  • if you are a true artist
  • if you want your cakes to be head-turning
  • if you seek freedom and change in your work
  • if you aim at heigher level of excellence
  • if you intend to make masterpieces rather than simply cakes
  • if you want to start using new materials in your work


14 original techniques
  • that will enable you:

to create textures hard to tell from originals
to create new unique coatings for your cakes working with materials and playing with color, you will learn to create nice visual effects and the illusion of relief
to make your works unique and original
to move to a new level thanks to originality of coating to start using chocolate products instead of basic coatings and creams
to turn your cakes into pieces of art
to find inspiration in nature, modern ceramins and things around you



Block one will familiarize you with basic tools you will need for the course. Beside, you will make ganache that will be used for creating different textures.

Each lesson is accompanied with specifications: there are color palette photos, steps and important technical notes. During the course, you will learn how to create such textures and effects as granite, water color, marble, concrete, and pumice.


as a result you will

  • learn how to make you textures look more profound
  • learn new cocoa butter skills enabling you to create fancy and inimitable projects
  • learn several all-round techniques you will be able to toss easily in your work
  • learn to apply textures on a cake's surface
  • clayscapes glazes
  • watercolor
  • stone
  • chipboard
  • osb
  • marble 1
  • marble 2
  • pumice
  • gradient
  • granite
  • craquelure
  • terrazzo
  • concrete and plaster
  • rust

Lyubov Ki
author and instructor
  • Chocolatier, pastry artist
  • Pastry instructor since 2015
  • 5000+ students
  • First pastry chef in Russia who started giving original themed workshops on wedding cakes and large chocolate sculptures
"Textures open new perspectives and pave the way into the future, into the world where a cake is a real piece of art"

"Textures" course

the complete 14 tutorials package

6-month access


students works after the course